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  • Glenn van Zutphen

Six Qualities of a Great Spokesperson

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

If you're a spokesperson or often speak to the media or important stakeholders, you likely want to be as effective as possible in relaying your important information.

Over 29 years as an international journalist and more recently as an executive coach for the past decade, I've observed several qualities the best spokespeople all share.

  • Be physically and emotionally present

  • Be knowledgeable

  • Be memorable in the way that you present your ideas

  • Be human. Show genuine empathy when people are affected

  • Be prepared and expect the unexpected. As a spokesperson, you have to anticipate and be ready for the good & bad

  • Be magnanimous. Take the high road when discussing the competition and rise above the urge to criticize

Who do you think passes the test of a great spokesperson?

We all have at least one person in mind whom we believe is a great spokesperson. I think Richard Branson is that guy and here are six reasons why. #RichardBranson, #CSuite, #communicator, #entrepreneur, #executivecoach, #MediaTraining, #PresentationSkills #presentations, #spokesman, #spokesperson, #VanMedia, #GlennvanZutphen


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