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Well-Spoken Women


Research shows that women now account for 41% of the global workforce and control more than $20 trillion in annual spending. Predictions are that this number will go up to $28 trillion in the next few years.

So why aren't women appearing on more panels? Why is the keynote speaker field dominated by men? Why are women shy to speak up in meetings?

Perhaps because women themselves need to raise their hand more often and have the confidence to do so. This course will teach you how to do just that.

More so, this class designed just for women will show you how to conquer some of the pitfalls women make which make them seem less capable and confident.

Take this class taught by a female coach who understands the challenges of being a female speaker into today's competitive landscape. 

Learn to be a master communicator. Be Confident. Be Credible. Be Clear.

  • Make your voice heard

  • Be brief, be bright, and be gone

  • Understand how others see you

  • Leverage your strengths and shift the habits that hinder you

  • Recognize and call out patterns, biases, and interruptions

  • Build career scaffolding and support

  • Take your seat at the table—and own it

  • Separate your reaction from your response

Woman Getting Interviewed
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