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We specialize in coaching and training corporate spokespeople in media and presentation skills, and developing thought leaders through their digital and online presence. Our seasoned journalists have worked in media coaching for nearly 15 years. Our group was also one of the first trainers to teach virtual presentation skills during
the current COVID crisis.


We also coach early and mid-career journalists. Headquartered in Singapore with global reach, VanMedia Group wants to help you become a phenomenal communicator through our in-person or virtual coaching. 



1. VanMedia Group has twelve years of experience training leaders across Asia and the globe. Our client list is long and varied and many are return customers. We have worked with executives from all backgrounds in a wide variety of industries.

2. We understand that your training needs aren’t cookie cutter and neither are VanMedia Group training programs. We tailor all training and consultations to meet specific client needs and objectives.


3. Our trainers each have more than two decades of experience as international broadcasters and reporters. We know the types of questions journalists ask because we are real journalists.

4. The media landscape is jammed with people trying to get their messages across. Sadly, most don’t do a very good job and end up wasting a valuable communication opportunity. VanMedia Group shows you how to engage with reporters, producers and presenters - to make the most of your time in print, on-air or on stage.

5. We were early adopters of virtual media, giving keynote speeches on virtual possibilities before COVID event hit. We can show you how to maximize your virtual and online presentations whether you are using virtual for interviews or interfacing with your clients or team. 

1. VanMedia Group has twelve years of experience training leaders across Asia and the glob
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