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Crisis Management

Politician News Interview
Media Interview

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it."   - Warren Buffet

You know the best way to handle a crisis? Prepare for it in advance. Not only should your company have a policy, but top-level executives should be prepared to talk to the media. Crisis management training is key.

Your entire executive team needs to understand crisis management and learn how to handle the media so the media doesn't handle you!

News is a 24/7 cycle. Gone are the days when you have hours to prepare a statement. When something happens, your team needs to be ready to respond immediately.

One misspoken word can make matters much worse. Our crisis management trainers teach you how to craft and stick to your message, and how to deal with aggressive and difficult questions. 

Each participant in our crisis management training gets to practice on-camera responses while working with real, seasoned journalists asking the tough questions.  Our team of experienced journalists have almost three decades of journalism experience each. 

Learn how to manage a crisis so it doesn't manage you and your brand.

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