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Executive Communication

Radio Interview

Most executives assume they're pretty good speakers. To be honest, there's always room for improvement. But folks in the executive bubble are often afraid to tell the boss that she or he needs help. 

That's where we come in: coaching you to be better, to improve your communication and presentation skills. Let our seasoned media coaches get your team prepared for that next tough interview.

VanMedia Group has been coaching executives 
just like you 
for nearly fifteen years. They keep calling us back for their teams because we get results.  Using a mix of classroom-style, break-out discussions combined with specific exercises and interview simulations — real journalists teach results. 

The executives we coach don't have time for lame, boring, stuff and neither do our media coaches. Using engaging, fun techniques - you (or your team) learn real-world practical skills.

Stay calm, collected, and focussed by learning the tricks that the journalists themselves use to prepare.

Each participant gets one-on-one, on-camera practice with our media coaches which includes constructive feedback on content, verbal presentation, and non-verbal delivery. 


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