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  • Glenn van Zutphen

Keep Your Pants On!

There’s another casualty in the “I didn’t know that I was on camera” crowd. We’ve heard it many times before: “I thought I had muted the Zoom video. I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me.”

The list of people getting caught on video calls with their literal and figurative pants down has increased exponentially since January and the start of the #coronaviruspandemic. The incidents are embarrassing, career-changing, and often go viral. Who can't help sharing the stories that make us cringe (and sometimes laugh)? Such are the dangers of #onlinecommunication.

But the personal embarrassment and professional damage is real. Take stock of your online appearance today:

• Dress and groom appropriately for your audience.

• Check your background to make sure it conveys the right message or branding.

• Make sure the camera is at eye level (no one wants to see up your nose or the ceiling behind you).

• Ensure the lighting is right.

• For important meetings or interviews, pre-plan your verbal content and messages.

• And for goodness’ sake, put on some pants and keep them on!


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