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  • Glenn van Zutphen

Be a Master Communicator

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

It's easy to be confident, credible & clear in your communication. Here's how.

During media coaching and virtual presentation coaching sessions, we at VanMedia cover a lot of ground and customize each experience to precisely fit the needs of everyone in the room.

Our goal is for them to become amazing spokespeople who regularly deliver Confident, Credible & Clear communication.

While there are many finer points to achieving the "three Cs," start with the following tips and you'll be on your way to great communication:

  • Strategize your talking points; have one or two key messages ready in advance of an interview or presentation.

  • Practice your points in advance. A mirror is not good enough. Have a friend or colleague sit in front of you and give real-time feedback.

  • Your audience doesn't care about you (really, they don't!). We care about ourselves... tell us something that makes our lives better in some way.

  • If you "push" your content on the audience, the audience will push back.

  • Keep answers clear and concise. Remember we most likely need 10% or 15% of what you know, not 90% of your knowledge on the topic.

  • Appropriate stories, anecdotes or third-party endorsements are memorable to audiences and often better than merely reciting facts and figures.

  • During a Q&A, don’t nod “yes” when negative questions are being asked... it looks like you're agreeing with them.

  • Whenever there's a microphone, use it! Even in a gathering of 30 or 40 people, there will always be someone who cannot hear well or is distracted by others in the room and may miss your great content.

While the above may not automatically make you the world's best spokesperson, if followed and practiced, these points will give you a great start.

At VanMedia Group Pte Ltd we devise and deliver coaching sessions and workshops that help every type & level of speaker be the most effective that they can be.

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