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Wanna get ahead at work in 2022?
You need to be a Zoom Master.

Let's face it: the key to moving ahead is often being a great communicator. You may be the smartest person in the office, but if you can't express yourself, nobody will know. Even if 2021 is a better year, the age of virtual meetings and presentations is here to stay according to all the experts. This doesn't mean you need to spend money on plastic surgery to look good on camera.

But it does mean:

  • No more technical issues

  • No more boring presentations

  • No more being "just okay"











VanMedia Group started as a company to teach executives how to be better communicators. We're not just some dude who has figured out a few Zoom hacks. We also teach how to command your meetings, taking control of your on-camera performance and visual presentations.


The course can be taken as four, one-hour recorded classes accessed at your leisure or can be delivered live by one of our coaches. Let us teach you how to rock your virtual presentations. 
















In this Zoom Master Certification Course, you'll learn creative tools to make your virtual presentations pop. We'll also teach you the tools you need to keep people engaged.












































































And much, much more...

Four, one-hour recorded sessions
S$175 each person for the entire course - or book a group of five or more people at S$150 each person for the entire course

Live, interactive courses with coach
S$1,500 for a group of up to five taking the course at the same time


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