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Look and Sound Great  On Camera

Look, sound, and feel fantastic during your next video call. No matter which platform you use - Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets - we all learned in 2020 that there is no way to avoid being on camera for work, family and friend gatherings. Given world events, we will continue to rely on virtual presentations in 2022 and beyond.

In this course, career international, television and radio journalist Glenn van Zutphen and multi-Emmy Award-winner Melinda Murphy will teach you:

  • How to plan for your video conference calls

  • Look and sound natural and confident

  • Get rid of nerves

  • Be in command and look smart during your con-calls and meetings

  • How to use impactful visuals

Get body language, posture, and wardrobe tips to make a powerful impression.


Finally, learn the technical details to building a mini "studio" for conducting calls, including choosing a webcam, lighting yourself, and placing a microphone for quality sound.


We can teach this course in person or virtually;


Try our


interactive video course!

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